Tributes to GS Kohli, one of the immensely talented music composers of Hindi Cinema, on his 22nd death anniversary today.

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GS Kohli (Gurusharan Singh Kohli) was born in Punjab in 1928. He was an expert in playing Dholak and many instruments. When Dalsukh M. Panchol gave OP Nayyar his first break with Aasmaan (1952), OP Nayyar chose Kohli as his assistant. Kohli remained his assistant till 1968, even after becoming an independent Composer himself.’

Till 1960, Kohli had contributed significantly in OP Nayyar’s popular films like CID, Mr. and Mrs 55, Aar Paar, Hum sab chor hain, Naya Daur, Mujrim, Do Ustaad, Kashmir Ki Kali etc.

In 1960 Kohli s First film as an independent Music Director came — ‘Lambe Haath’. His second film was Mr.India (1961) and then came Faulad, Shikari, Chaar Darvesh, Adventures of Robin Hood, Namasteji, Do Matwaale, Naujawan, Sangdil, Jung aur Aman and Gunda. His last film was Jaalsaaz in 1969.

Though Kohli was exceptional as an arranger for OP Nayyar and as a composer, he could not shine independently and had only B and C grade movies for music. Only Shikari and Namasteji songs had become popular. The famous songs “Chaman ke phool bhi tujhko” and “ Agar main poochhoon jawaab doge” were from Shikari (1963). And how can one forget Mohammed Rafi’s soulful melody “Maana mere haseen sanam” from ‘The Adventures Of Robinhood’ (1965)?

He was not so famous as a music director, but if anyone listen to his songs, he will definitely be surprised that why he was not so famous and why success has eluded him in spite of having abundant talent.

GS Kohli passed away on 25th July1996.

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