Tribute to the master of melody, Manna Dey, on his 4th death anniversary today.

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There are very few artistes who, on the strength of their genius, have transcended their art to become its very symbol; fewer still achieve this status in their lifetime. Prabodh Chandra Dey, better known as Manna Dey, was as much a symbol of music as he was its most devoted exponent. For around seven decades, his voice and unparalleled musical talent kept a whole nation enthralled.
Considered one of the greatest singers in the country, Manna Dey represented what is widely known as the ‘golden period’ of Hindi, Bengali, and Indian popular music and cinema.

It would be impossible to talk about the music of Hindi film industry’s golden era without taking Manna Dey’s exemplary contribution into account.

Not only was he credited with pioneering a new genre by infusing Indian classical music in a pop framework, the legendary singer also epitomised the golden period of Hindi cinema with memorable songs like Puchho na kaise, Aye meri zoharajabi and Laga chunri mein daag.

His demise has left a silence and a void that can never be filled.

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