Tribute to the legendary singer-composer Pankaj Kumar Mullick, on his 113th birth anniversary today.

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Pankaj Mullick was a pioneer of film music in Bengali cinema and Hindi cinema at the advent of playback singing, as well as an early exponent of Rabindra Sangeet. He was a man of many talents. Composer, musician, Broadcaster, singer, music director, teacher and a part-time actor, Pankaj Mullick is a colossal figure not only in the field of Bengali cinema but ranks among the greatest cultural icons of Bengal.

Some of his innovations had a lasting impact and the sounds he created could be heard in film music for decades. These innovations included his use of Rabindra Sangeet, Western arrangements and the ubiquitous tonga rhythm. Undeniably, though, the highlights of his career were the songs he composed for K L Saigal.

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