Today is the 35th death anniversary of M.B. Shetty

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Muddu Babu Shetty (1938–23 January 1982), aka M. B. Shetty or Shetty, was a stuntman and action choreographer cum actor in 1970s Hindi cinema. He had a towering personality with a bald head & had the reputation of getting beaten up as a villain by film heroes half his size.

He was born in 1938 in Mangalore, India. He came to Mumbai from Udupi. He started as a waiter in Cotton Green after which he got into boxing and bodybuilding.[4] He started off as a Fight instructor in the 1956 movie “Heer”. He has acted in villainous roles and composed stunts for numerous Hindi and Kannada cinema in the 1970s. He ruled as an action director, doing over 700 films, including cult films like Don, The Great Gambler, Trishul and Deewar.

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