Superstar Rajinikanth admitted Shatrughan Sinha was the actor he looked up to in his formative years. Read More

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The biggest surprise comes when Rajinikanth,Chiranjeevi and #Ambareesh, the three superstars from the South, admit Shatrughan Sinha was the actor they looked up to in their formative years. It is an eye opener for a generation which is born after the 80s and which has seen only the caricatured version of the star on comedy shows. “They used to call me the Shatrughan Sinha of the South,” says Rajinikanth.

He was fascinated by his mannerisms “like the way he’d hit someone and nonchalantly look at the watch,” recalls the superstar. “When I played the villain, the mannerisms were strongly influenced by him. I completely followed his style,” he admits. Chiranjeevi has no hesitation in admitting that Sinha was the reason that he became an actor and that he used to mimic his voice. Citing lines like ‘Bandok haath mein lekar geedarh bhi sher ban jayega, Heera’, Chiranjeevi says the way he delivered his dialogues was unmatched.

(Anuj Kumar For TheHindu)

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