Remembering Vinod Mehra, the highly acclaimed film star of the 1970s and 80s, on his 27th death anniversary today.

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Mehra (13 February 1945–30 October 1990) started out as a child actor in the late 1950s before starting his film career as an adult in 1971. He acted in over 100 films through to his death at the age of 45 in 1990. He was also the producer and director of the film Gurudev which was released 3 years after his death…

Director Roop K. Shorey spotted Vinod Mehra and gave him his first break in ‘Ek Thi Reeta’ (1971). Vinod was paired opposite Tanuja in this film. However, it was ‘Anurag’ (1972) with Moushumi Chatterjee that really launched his career in films. He was lucky with most of his films which included ‘Us-Paar’, ‘Shandar’, ‘Parde ke Peeche’, ‘Elaan’, ‘Vardan’, ‘Anurodh’,’Sab Se Bada Rupaiya’, ‘Saajan Bina Suhagan’, ‘Ghar’ and ‘Amar Prem’.

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