Remembering Suchitra Sen on her 87th birth anniversary.

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Suchitra Sen born Rama Dasgupta April 6, 1931, in Pabna district now in Bangladesh, she delved into the silver screen, taking the non de plume Suchitra in 1952 with Sesh Kothai.

In a career spanning 25 years, Suchitra paired with Bengal’s biggest matinee idol Uttam Kumar to usher in the golden era of Bengali cinema and came up with memorable performances in a number of cult Hindi movies like Devdas, Mamta, Musafir, Bambai ka Babu and Aandhi.

Described as “Mahanayika” (great actress), she had bewitched generations of film buffs with her grace and beauty. She left behind a legacy with actress-daughter Moon Moon Sen (also a member of parliament) and grand-daughters Riya and Raima Sen.

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