Remembering Raj Kapoor, the ‘greatest showman of Indian cinema’, on his 30th death anniversary today.

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The original ‘showman’ of the industry, Raj Kapoor was multi-talented and versatile, setting an example for generations to follow. One of the most revered personalities in the Hindi film industry, he was also a producer and director, apart from being an actor. He belonged to the second generation of Bollywood’s first family and had built a legacy of quality cinema.

Raj Kapoor’s screen character drew a tremendous response from Indian audiences and fans abroad, especially in the Soviet Union and the Middle East, where Indian films are popular. An Indian film critic who visited the Soviet Union in 1985 said the Russians had ‘’three Indian heroes: Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Raj Kapoor, although not necessarily in that order — probably the reverse.’’

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