Remembering #NaushadAli, the doyen of Hindi film music, on his 100th birth anniversary today.

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Naushad was one of Bollywood’s most creative musical minds who carefully selected only a few movies and therefore, did not bask in glory or glamour. Yet, he did everything he could in conveying that melody was the only way you could make a song ‘good’.

As a pioneer of various musical trends and mentor of numerous musical prodigies, Naushad has virtually shaped the broad contours of film music in the country.

Despite being an uncompromising stickler for the grammar of classical music, Naushad also had an amazing grasp of the popular mood. Naushad has in his music compositions, along with his tunes given equal importance to the poetry and its meaning. His music highlights and enhances the beauty and sweetness of poetry.

In his long and illustrious innings, glittering with memorable compositions in classics like Mughal-e-Azam , Baiju Bawra , Mother India , Ganga Jamuna, Anmol Ghadi and many others, Naushad scaled phenomenal heights in the pantheon of popular music.

Naushad’s music will always live in the hearts of those music lovers, who treasure creativity in its best form. Generations of music lovers would continue to enjoy his soulful and haunting melodies for years to come.

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