Tributes to legendary singer Manna Dey, on his 5th death anniversary. (24/10)

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In the midst of the Rafi-Kishore contest, Manna Dey’s voice stood out for its classical lilt. Born on 1 May 1919, the singer went on to etch his name in the annals of film music with his ability to handle songs of every nature. His classical background resulted in many great songs which were considered difficult to perform by many music directors and his contemporaries.

He embraced music early on in his youth and his gradual transformation into one of Indian music’s finest maestros is an enriching saga of mentors, perseverance, courageous humility and formidable talent.

Manna Dey mesmerized music lovers across the country — he sang in several languages — for several decades with the richness of his powerful voice which had no parallel in Hindi cinema.

His unique voice will be remembered for ages to come.

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