Today marks forty-three years from the day Sachin Dev Burman, the musical genius left for his heavenly abode.

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In an industry where high-priced ballyhoo converts mediocrity into talent and plagiarism into genius, S. D. Burman has always stood apart from the madding crowd Yet, the quality of his music, the living, pulsating, haunting, melodies, fold rhythms and lilts which he has created for innumerable films, prove time and again his faithfulness, his lively exuberance and the living vitality of his work

As a composer, he was in a class by himself. The tunes he composed were so beautiful that we lyricists were inspired to give of their best.

His lilting melodies based on refreshingly original composition had kept Indian music-buffs spellbound for more than three decades. In fact, the roaring commercial success of a long series of Bollywood movies from the fifties to the mid-seventies could be attributed to the musical genius of Sachin Dev Burman.

His career never flagged till 1974 when he quit signing films from ill health. He is remembered even today, through his great compositions. This great composer attained his heavenly bliss on October 31, 1975.

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