Guru Dutt, Abrar Alvi & Waheeda Rahman

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Guru Dutt, Abrar Alvi, and their friends were chatting in their office when a lady, in a burkha, came in to meet them. Abrar was in no mood to meet her but his friends insisted.

When he met the lady, she kept saying that she was a huge fan of Guru Dutt and him, and wanted to work in a film. But when Abrar asked her to show her face, she was reluctant. Soon, Abrar lost his patience and lifted the lady’s veil. Everyone started laughing, as the lady turned out to be Waheeda Rahman, carrying out Guru Dutt’s prank.

From Sathya Saran’s book, “Ten Years With Guru Dutt: Abrar Alvi’s Journey”

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