Birthday Greetings to eminent theatre and film personality Dr. Jabbar Patel, who turned 76 years today.

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Born in Pandharpur, Solapur district, on 23 June 1942, Jabbar Patel became a qualified doctor but decided to pursue a career in theatre and films, starting with experimental plays, writing and directing them right from college days. He founded the ‘Theatre Academy’ experimental drama group in Pune in the early 70s, which has presented some inspiring Marathi plays over the years.

He is credited with taking Marathi theatre and films to a different level with creations like the Ghashiram Kotwal, an adaptation of Vijay Tendulkar’s play with the same name, which attracted record audiences through the years and is ranked as a classic in Modern Indian Theatre.

Later, he directed-produced several acclaimed films like Samna (1975), Jait Re Jait (1977), Sinhasan (1979), Umbartha (1981), Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar (2000), Ek Hota Vidushak (1992), Mukta (1994), among others.

He also took part in many dramatic competitions and came in contact with top actors and founded the experimental group, Theatre Academy, besides acting in several plays himself.

Jabbar Patel is also credited with making several documentaries and short-biographicals on various eminent personalities.

Jabbar Patel has been an inspiration to all those who want to make quality films and indulge in quality theatre, whether professional or experimental. His creations have also been very well received at the national and international levels.

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