A piece attributed to Parveen Babi herself, regarding her sudden leave of absence from Indian filmdom in the early 80s.

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“By now everything that is conceivable must have been written and said about Parveen Babi. Gossip, speculations and may be even accusations galore. Under these circumstances there is just one person who can clarify everything once and for all. Parveen Babi herself and that is precisely what she is doing.
“Yes, I am she, and I am going to once and for all clarify the entire situation as best as I can. On July 30th, 1983, I boarded a flight out of the country, leaving behind my home, my family, my friends, my career, my country, my everything! Why?
“I arrived in Switzerland via London to be with a person called U. G. Krishnamurti. Again, why? Who is this person? What is my relationship with him? These are a few questions everybody must ask and I am going to answer them. But before I begin, let me make one thing very clear — I am not playing ‘hooky’ from work for my personal pleasure. My intention never was and never will be to in any manner to harm or hurt the film industry in general, or any of my producers in particular.”

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