68 Years of Uran Khatola

May 13, 2023

68 years ago on May 13, 1955, Uran Khatola was released. The movie was produced by the renowned music director Naushad and directed by S.U. Sunny. The lead roles were played by Dilip Kumar, Nimmi, Jeevan, and Tun Tun. Naushad composed the film’s music, while Shakeel Badayuni wrote the songs.

Uran Khatola featured several popular songs, including “O door ke musafir ham ko bhi saath le le re,” “More Saiyan Ji Utrenge Paar,” “Ghar Aaya Mehman Koi,” and “Mera Salam Le Ja.”

Interestingly, Madhubala was offered the lead role in the movie, but she declined due to her poor health at the time.