40 years of Kartavya (11/05/1979)

40 years of Kartavya (11/05/1979)

The film was directed by Mohan Sehgal. The music composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

The film stars Rekha on the lookout for her father’s killer and has Dharmendra as a forest officer. The villain in chief is Utpal Dutt. Aruna Irani, Ranjeet, Nirupa Roy, and Suresh Oberoi round off the cast. Vinod Mehra played a partially negative character, the role of Dharmendra’s younger brother, kidnapped in an early age.

The film is a remake of the hit 1973 Kannada film Gandhada Gudi, starring Dr. Rajkumar and Dr. Vishnuvardhan.

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