31 Years of Ijaazat. (08/07/1987)

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Ijaazat is a 1987 film directed by #Gulzar, based on a Bengali story, Jatugriha by Subodh Ghosh. Starring Rekha, Naseeruddin Shah and Anuradha Patel in leading roles, the film followed the story of couple who are separated and who accidentally meet in a railway station waiting room and discover some truths about their lives without each other.

The film belongs to the art-house genre in India known as Parallel Cinema, and won two National Film Awards in the music category. The movie is based on the 1964 Bengali movie Jatugriha.

Filmfare wrote about the film, “One of Gulzar’s most sensitive films, it also remains Rekha’s most poignant performance as the possessive wife, who gives up her husband (Naseeruddin Shah) rather than share him with another woman (Anuradha Patel). Mera kuch saman … can anyone not be moved by it?”

According to Lalit Mohan Joshi, author of the book Bollywood: popular Indian cinema, Ijaazat “recreates the tingling sensation of a mature romance. It looks at an unusual male-female relationship, a subject less often broached in Hindi films.” Joshi further notes that the film “exudes a sentimental feeling that seems more touching than the recent teenybopper romance stories.”

M.L. Dhawan from The Tribune, while documenting the famous Hindi films of 1987, commended Gulzar for giving “a mature treatment to the eternal love triangle of pati patni aur woh (husband, wife and the other woman).” He further noted Asha Bhosle for her “soul-stirring voice [which] left an impact” and the principal cast for their “emotion-loaded performances”.

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